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Lomi Lomi massage, the traditional practice of Hawaiians.

Body massage plays a vital role in keeping up our health on track. Consequently, there are many techniques which give us pleasure to our mind and help in relaxation of our muscles. Of these techniques, Lomi Lomi massage is the most prominent one and can be done with an ease of operation. Lomi means to rub, to soothe and work out like the paws of a cat, to pass the love from the heart through hands. This ancient massage derived from the Hawaiians have been successful in healing and serving us through the ages.

History: Invented by Polynesian settlers, Lomi Lomi massage was not at all allowed in the 18th century as the American missionaries prohibited the every native act of the Hawaiians, banning the Lomi Lomi massage in 1893. As it is easy and gratifying, it was practised by everyone in secrecy and travelled all the way from the America to the Europe and finally to the Asian parts.

Later, when the Government changed in Hawaii, it allowed only the skilled practitioners to perform the Lomi Lomi and Raynor Massage. The practitioners were tested in their abilities to perform the massage, by which many of the native practitioners (Kahunas) failed in their approach. Nearly after 70 years of that, after a continuous revolt, the laws changed in 2001 favouring the native practitioners. Subsequently, only the certified practitioners were unfearful about the prosecution by the Hawaii government.

Bottom line: The traditional practice of the Hawaiians is not only a technique of healing but also a way of reconnecting with the spirit that everyone must experience.